Get back up and moving again




Children, too, can be injured while playing sports. Fortunately, these are often short-term injuries that heal quickly and cleanly with the right information and treatment. To us, enjoyment of moving and playing is absolutely essential. That’s why a child’s motor development is at the core of our treatments.

In the past few years, overexertion through training has become more and more common. Parents and coaches are just as ambitious as the athletic child, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance between what the body is capable of and what it’s being asked to do. This can lead to injuries or growing pains and cause a child to turn its back on the sport.


A physical screening allows us to adjust a child’s training in time. We help coaches working at a number of sports clubs to spot the signs of overexertion in time and, where necessary, prevent them.

When, in spite of this, children are injured we possess the necessary knowledge to treat and guide them.

When children reach the level at which a specialization of exertion treatment becomes possible, we offer more specific forms of training both on and off the field.


A.V.V. Zeeburgia

We guide and treat the (junior) footballers of A.V.V. Zeeburgia on location.

FC Amsterdam

We offer treatment to FC Amsterdam’s players at the AMC Sports centre.

Drive ITT

Along with sports physician Liesbeth Lim, we are responsible for the medical guidance of the players at DRIVE ITT.