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Of course, feel free to ask us a question via phone or simply contact us through the contact form.


No. If you feel we can help treat your injury or complaint, you can come to us directly. We will then screen you to determine if we can, indeed, be of help.

does the practice have a contract with my health insurance company?

We have entered into contracts with virtually all Dutch health insurance companies. If you have additional insurance for physiotherapy, your insurance is very likely to cover the costs of treatment.


Check your personal policy conditions for an overview of additional insurance compensations offered by your health insurance company. Insurance companies overwhelmingly tend to cover the costs of a number of treatments (per year, not per injury or complaint).

The costs attached to physiotherapy for children (up to 18 years of age) are covered by basic insurance (or ‘basisverzekering’) for up to 18 treatments per year. 

We keep a record of the number of treatments you have received at our practice, and will let you know in time if you are nearing the maximum number of treatments your insurance company will cover. However, it remains your own responsibility to make sure you are still eligible to be covered. If, for instance, you have been under treatment at another practice, we have no way to know how many treatments your insurance company has already covered.

If you don’t have additional (Dutch) insurance, you will receive an invoice from us. When you've got an insurance with AON you can send them the invoice and, depending on your coverage they will transfer almost the whole invoice to our account. But be aware! They don't cover the full costs and we will ask you to pay the (little) difference after receiving the payment of AON.

I HAVE A CHRONIC CONDITION. how does that affect coverage?

Cliënten met een aandoening die op de chronische lijst vermeld staat, komen in aanmerking voor langdurige behandeling. In dat geval is een verwijzing van de huisarts of de specialist vereist. De eerste twintig behandelingen betaal je (deels) zelf of worden vanuit je aanvullende verzekering betaald, daarna worden de behandelingen vanuit de basisverzekering vergoed.

Let op! Het is niet zo dat alle aandoeningen waar je  wellicht chronisch last van hebt ook voorkomen op de chronische lijst.

can i indicate a preference for a particular physiotherapist?

Yes. If you have a preference for a specific therapist, or for a male or female therapist, we will, of course take your wishes into account.


Yes – unless you don’t want him or her to. 

what should I bring to my first appointment?

If you have been referred to us by your physician or have another referral, bring your referral letter with you. Please also bring valid ID, your insurance card and a towel.

what are your rates?

We have got also in 2021 contracts with most large Dutch insurance companies, which means that, providing you have additional insurance for physiotherapy, the policy conditions allow for full coverage of the cost of your treatment.

Choosing the right policy and insurance is your own responsibility, but we are happy to help you with any questions you might have.

The rates below do not apply to uninsured clients, or to clients whose insurance companies we have not entered into a contract with.

Regular session physiotherapy € 37,50

Intake and examination € 45

Long session € 55,-

One-time physiotherapeutic consult € 70,-

Ultrasound during a regular session € 20,- (this won't be covered by your insurance)

Ultrasound (including report) € 55,-

Second opinion shoulder or knee € 70,-

Missed appointment* € 25,-

*Missed appointments will not be covered by your insurance company

what are your house rules?

do you evaluate treatments?

We are constantly trying to improve our services and will e-mail you a questionnaire about the quality of our guidance and your experiences after you have finished treatment. Please let us know if you would rather not receive this e-mail.

i have a complaint. what should I do?

Do you have a question or a suggestion? We’re here to help! Should you have a complaint about your treatment which we have not adequately handled, we are happy to bring you into contact with the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie, or KNGF). If the Society deems your complaint to be valid, it will act as mediator for you.

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