Children with sports injuries

Children also sometimes suffer a (sports) injury. Fortunately, these are often relatively short-term injuries that, with good information and the right guidance, recover quickly and well.
Most of the injuries we see in children are caused by overload during/training, especially among growing children.

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How does it work?

The training intensity for children has increased in recent years and we often do not see a good balance between load and resilience. Especially for a growing child, there is an increased risk of overuse injuries, combined or worsened by growing pains.

Unfortunately, we see that this sometimes causes children to quit the sport they love to do prematurely. Below are a few common injuries that we see regularly, but of course there are many more injuries and pain symptoms that we can help with.

  • Growing pains in the heel (Severs) or knee (Osgood schlatter) are the most common pain symptoms among growing and exercising children.
  • Knee
  • Overload
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A physical, preventive screening makes it possible to adjust children's training courses in time. We help trainers from various sports clubs to identify signs of overload in time and, where possible, prevent them.

If children nevertheless get injured, we have the right knowledge to guide them and, with pleasure, allow them to exercise and exercise safely, which promotes recovery and prevents a child from suffering from an injury for an unnecessarily long time.

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