Orthopedic rehabilitation

In short, orthopedic rehabilitation is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Here, we focus on improving the mobility of a joint, strengthening muscles or improving coordination. You will often be referred by an orthopedist after surgery, to prepare for surgery, or to prevent surgery.

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Among other things, you can come to us when...

Of course, each disorder needs its own approach and more about this, per condition, will be available in our blog in the near future. But what can you contact us with?
  • You will soon have (viewing) surgery on your knee, such as an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, a meniscectomy or when you get a new knee. Going into surgery well prepared will make rehabilitation after surgery a lot easier.
    But not only is it important to prepare physically well, we also inform you clearly about what to expect immediately after surgery and how long you will need to recover.
  • You have had shoulder surgery to make it more stable after it has been out (often several times). Or a muscle was attached that continued to cause persistent symptoms for a tennis player or volleyball player.

    Specific knowledge and experience of counseling after these types of operations is essential for a good end result; a protocol that you receive from the surgeon alone is not sufficient.
  • Recovery after a fracture, such as a broken collarbone or wrist.
  • Osteoarthritis hip or knee complaints, and post-treatment, for example a new knee (TKP).
  • Rehabilitation after a whipping or an Achilles tendon rupture.

    And of course, this list is far from complete. Do you want to know if we can help you? Please contact us via the contact form on this site.
Do you want to know how our patients experience counseling and what we do? Then take a look here.
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Do you have any other questions?

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