Sports rehabilitation

Physical therapy for sports injuries requires a slightly different approach and approach than other injuries. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a top athlete. Of course, you want to get back to your sport completely unrestricted as soon as possible and be able to perform at your level with pleasure, pain-free. Especially when it comes to competitive sports, there is a great desire to recover quickly.

We cannot accelerate a natural recovery process, but we can ensure that you get back to the start as optimally as possible when your injury allows it again. So sitting still is certainly not an option and, together with you, we will make sure you keep moving.

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How does it work?

From a tennis elbow, a hill runner's knee to a swimmer's shoulder or a whipping in the calf, we see every sports injury come up in our practice. Of course, every injury needs its own approach and more about that will be available in our blog in the near future, per injury.

In general, if you come to us with a sports injury, you will work with a physiotherapist who understands the sport you practice and a plan will be made to recover as soon as possible. But we also primarily look at what you can still do to stay as fit as possible without getting in the way of your injury and unnecessarily delaying your recovery. In the case of many running injuries, running and technical training can still be done, supplemented with specific exercises.

Within our practice, we have all the space, equipment, knowledge and facilities to provide you with optimal guidance. In addition, we train 1-1 with you as much as possible so that you get all the attention. But sometimes it's nice to work in a small group of up to 3 other patients so that you can strengthen each other and share experiences, such as an anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation process.

To do this, we use the USC fitness and exercise rooms, but also the AVV Zeeburgia fields. That's where we can work with you, outside. This is often the last phase in preparation to be able to start training with your team again or to resume your own training.
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In this phase, we will ensure that you are optimally prepared to move on to the final phase; 'sports performance' training, through various physical tests. Once you can get back to work yourself, we will, if you wish, consult with your coach before the final phase to become fully competitive again. We maintain close ties with the sports clubs that are affiliated with us, but of course also outside of them.

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