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 Overexertion or trauma can lead to a thickening of the muscles. As a result of tension and pressure these bulges, also known as trigger points, can cause, among other things, radiating pain, muscle weakness, limitations of movement and coordination problems. This is also referred to as myofascial pain syndrome.   Dry needling is a treatment method that revolves around inserting a small acupuncture needle into a trigger point, using a special technique.

How Does it work?

 In principle, you won’t feel any pain when the needle is inserted. When the trigger point is stimulated, the muscle will tense for just a moment. This feels somewhat similar to a cramp. The muscle will generally relax immediately after, and you will be able to move more freely right away. Muscles that have been treated often feel tired and heavy, but that should resolve itself quickly.


For long-term complaints, the therapist will treat several different muscles. In most cases, however, two or three sessions are enough to alleviate problems.  

Two or three sessions are usually enough to alleviate problems


Dry needling falls within the parameters of regular treatment costs