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Knee injuRY

 You can recognize a knee injury by the pain you experience, an instable sensation or feeling like your knee is locked. A knee injury hampers you in your daily activities, like working or playing sports.

a knee injury can be caused by…

We will guide you, every step, till full recovery


The starting point of the treatment process is an analysis of the cause of the injury. We explore which movements cause pain and examine, if necessary, the entire chain of movement. For example, when treating injured runners we work on creating a complete running analysis.

We only treat when and where necessary, and in most cases, we create a custom-made training or exercise program you can use at home or at our gym.

We evaluate your recovery by testing your strength, coordination and performance, as every phase of recovery asks for a different training stimulus. We guide you every step of the way, until you have completely regained your previous fitness level.