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The body possesses an impressive ability to heal itself, and fortunately, many conditions resolve themselves. But when they don’t, the body needs our help to heal.

Setting a clear diagnosis an determining the cause of the problem are essential in this process. What went wrong, and what is the best way to treat the problem? And, of course, how long will recovery take? At the first appointment (the intake), we use in-depth conversation and a physical exam to set the diagnosis.

 The next step is to create a treatment plan. The plan includes the type of therapy we will use, a realistic estimate of the number of treatments required and the period of time it will take for the body to fully recover. During the intake, it might become clear that a referral to a colleague or another specialist will be most helpful to you. Of course, we are happy to refer you.

 Once you have approved the treatment plan, we are ready to start to work on your recovery.